Our Story


Who are Otley?

Otley is a family, we don’t originate from Otley in Yorkshire but a south Wales town called Pontypridd, three brothers, one cousin and one son. An ex fashion photographer, two licensees one ex-builder and a barman from Ibiza. One thing we all shared apart from our name, a passion for great beer!

Otley – brewing up a storm

Since 9:30am 1st August 2005.

Believe it or not, it all started over a pint – the Otley boys propping up the bar at the ‘Bunch of Grapes’ after another long shift. We’d been ‘selling’ beer for as long as we could remember, and during a mid session moment of clarity it dawned on us that we should be brewing our own. We had Otley pubs so Otley beer was the next logical step.

Once the seed was sown we were determined to do something different. Our aim was to produce award winning beers the likes of which had not been brewed in Wales before. Our beers would be packed full of hop aromas, thirst quenching bitterness and light, crisp flavours that would keep you coming back for more…

To reflect these fresh beers we commissioned a clean and contempo­rary brand that would break away from the traditional and rather ‘obvious’ looking brands that had become the ‘default’ of many breweries at that time.

So the stage was set, and a few weeks later three men fuelled with enthusiasm acquired an industrial unit – and with an ageing Toyota pick-up and a couple of bags of hops, sacks of borrowed malt and bucket loads of ambition founded Otley Brewing Co. 

Forward wind ten years and there’s nothing micro about our ambition. Beer evolution is our mantra at Otley – a synergy of passion, innovation and fresh attitude that results in non conformist, progressive brews for independently minded free thinkers, and drinkers.

As well as crafting award-winning ales we work closely with our creative collaborators Smörgåsbord to continually develop our brand – aligning closely with both established and emerging talent from the world of art, design and innovation.

So what makes us tick?

What do we love to do…

Make beers for the new adventurous drinker that craves new tastes and aromas, providing beers that that are packed full of

Flavour + Passion = Otley

Add some Otley attitude and you get beers that don’t easily fit into those time-honoured categories that keep beer in its traditional strait jacket.

PASSION rules at Otley as we channel American aspirations with European traditions – in turn fusing them with Welsh creativity, we don’t believe in convention or conformity but we do believe in full flavours and big aromas.

Passion, innovation, aroma, flavour, attitude is the synergy that equals Beer evolution, the synergy of brewer and beer Making beer that refuses to conform to traditions and styles and delights in your glass. Go on… Get in!

Epic days are brewing!